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GS want You to want Them

GetSwiped fans and visitors here is your chance to get to be come a part of the multimedia revolution.
GetSwiped.com is looking to expand it's staff to include new sections of GS.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Clip Writers:
Any branches of comedy and skit writing. always coming up with good ideas
but never have a place to see them pan out? here is your chance to just that.

Sectional Writers:
Looking to get into writing reviews? GetSwiped will soon be adding musical and
movie reviews to our site. we'd like fresh new voices to join into our site. If youre really into diverse
music and movies and maybe even show reviews why not sign up and become a staffer right here at GS.

On-Site talents:
Live in the Central PA area or atleast willing to travel now and again to be a part of on going clips and movies?
Be infront of the camera and right along with us filming new projects.

Flash Creator:
GS is looking to branch off into small flash creations mixed in with all our other projects. If you are versed in
Flash and Dreamweaver and have free time on your hands we'd like to talk turkey with you.

So that's all for now swipers. if you are interested in any of the above positions please contant
austimus@getswiped.com witht he subject line of what you are interested in doing.
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