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we've been getting a lot of 'Fan Signs' recently. so we decided to those who Swipe it would be a good idea to open up a little contest. Send us your BEST sign that you can come up with. Paint the logo on your forhead, Make a post it note with GS on it. Shave our logo in your neighbor's dog. If you think you can beat the two posted here we wanna see em.

The person who sends us the craziest picture, will receive a free copy of the 'GetSwiped Greatest Clips' video on vhs. This, not available for purchase, video contains our best clips. Including some that aren't even on the site, and highlights from the GetSwiped Live Show! and any new material yet to be released! All entries will be posted on the site after the contest!

Three rules:

1- Email us the picture by August 15th, 2003, Emails can be Sent HERE
2-Don't get caught if you're doing something with it that you shouldn't be doing. - we don't know you, we aren't your lawyers.
3-No fakes. We're masters of photo manipulation, so don't try and jive us.

In closing up this entry you can check out the latest GetSwiped Video clip at the site or by clicking here.
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